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10.16 Thursday 6th June 2013 Task

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Directions: For this tutorial you will read four short articles about homeostasis, comparing the endocrine and nervous system and Thermoregulation and then answer the questions that appear below.  You should answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper or Word Doc, and then print them when you are finished.  Good luck!

A template with the questions on can be found in Public:Subjects:Science:MCN:BTEC:Homeostasis Task

1.  Homeostasis and Thermoregulation BBC Bitesize

2. Controlling Body Temperature

3. Nervous system summary

4. Endocrine system summary



  1. Which out of the endocrine or the nervous system maintains homeostasis and has long lasting effects?


  1. Which out of the endocrine or the nervous system allows the body to respond instantly to a change in the environment, but the effect is short lived?


  1. Fill in the table


Endocrine System

Nervous System

Speed of Communication



Method of Transport



Duration of Response




4. Highlight which one of the following phrases correctly gives the method of transmission in the nervous system?

A. Carried in the blood

B. electrical impulses along neurons

C. carried in the lymph

D. Hormones

5. What 3 things does our body do in response to cold and for each response explain why this helps keep us warm?

6. What 3 things does the body do in response to heat and for each response explain why this helps us cool down?

7. Now try 2 of the following 6 mark questions?

  • Explain how the endocrine system maintains blood glucose levels?
  • Explain how body temperature is maintained at 37˚C?
  • Explain the difference in communication between the endocrine system and the nervous system?